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The “Terra del Pinot Nero” association was set up with the aim of collecting, storing and promoting the documents and the wine growing traditions linked to Pinot Noir. The association aims to become a reference point as a centre for documentation and cultural production.
The association aims to:
  • promote the territory and the cultural and environmental heritage, enhance the Pinot Noir production;
  • bring out and spread knowledge of the local landscape, artistic and production peculiarities, encouraging cultural tourism;
  • educate people to care for and respect the artistic, historical, natural and environmental heritage, raising the population’s awareness and sense of belonging;
  • put people in contact with the local cultural heritage, promoting social aggregation in order to get to know and appreciate the local cultural wealth;
  • create links, synergies and collaborations with statuatory and private corporations in order to bring together and promote the various local cultural players;
  • involve productive, economic and entrepreneurial activities, highlighting their fundamental role in promoting and safeguarding Pinot Noir, an important resource for local development;
  • promote the welfare of local communities through the promotion of cultural identity, experienced as a fundamental element of every social and economic activity.